Nutrition Seminars

Optimizing performance through nutrition

Change is directly proportional with the effort you put in.
Small effort equals small change; Big effort equals big change.

Macros and Muscles Nutrition offers nutrition seminars to all gyms, Corporate offices, community and wellness centers. There are many myths and fallacies surrounding nutrition. M2N is here to guide you through establishing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Nutrition seminars run about an hour and can be set up in a gym, boardroom, lunchroom or any meeting space that suits your requirements.


Corporate/Workplace Wellness Nutrition Seminars

  • Nutrition seminars are a cost-effective way to reach a number of employees and address multiple topics. Classes bring employees together and help them support each other in making healthier choices that they can carry on for a lifetime
  • Seminars include the latest in nutrition research presented in a way that motivates employees to make lifestyle changes
  • We engage employees with practical tips on how to make better nutrition choices
  • Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health to the fast food industry. You can enjoy delicious, healthy foods with some planning and with better food choices at home or eating out.
  • Our nutrition, lifestyle and supplement tips can help make your next business trip a better one. You will also discover which foods you can bring through security and pack for longer trips, along with how to make the best dining choices in airports, hotels, and restaurants


Gym/Athletic Centers Nutrition Seminars

  • Nutrition Seminars are a great way to educate your clients on proper nutrition to improve body composition, enhance performance and recovery
  • Sport Specific & Performance Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Health & Well Being
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition leading to competition
  • Nutrition Myth Busting
  • We share a nonsense approach to nutrition that can last you a lifetime


Nutrition Seminar Highlights: 60 minutes


  1. Who we are?
  2. Different Diets (Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, High carb, low carb, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers)
  3. What is a serving? What are we doing wrong?
  4. The priorities of losing weight/body composition: What’s really important?
  5. What we seen in real world results across our different client base
  • Common dieting mistakes
  • Trends
  • What works
  1. Steps to be successful
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal Prepping
  • Trigger Foods
  • Emotional attachments to foods
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Family support
  • Accountability
  • Travel nutrition
  1. Questions

Pricing upon request

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